Author Guideline

Pesirah: Journal of Public Administration accepts fieldwork, conceptual framework or literature review research reflecting the current phenomenon of the public administration.

Manuscript file should be provided in Microsoft Word format.

The manuscript should consist of: title page, abstract, keywords, introduction, research method, result and discussion, conclusion, and references.

Word Limits
A typical manuscript for this journal should be written around 5000-7000 words including tables, figures, and references.

Article Title
The title should be about 10 to 15 words. It should be informative and written shortly and clearly.

Author details
All writer names should be typed to the Open Journal System and their names in the right order for publishing. The details are:

  1. For each writer in their respective author accounts, official email addresses should be provided.
  2. Affiliation of the author(s) should be listed where the author(s) was based when the paper was researched.

In their submission, authors must provide a structured abstract which at least involves objective, method of studies and results. The length of the wording is approximately 150-250.

Authors should provide suitable and brief keywords that accurately describe the paper's main themes. Keywords are maximally five words.

This chapter should clarify briefly the context of the study, give a brief overview of the relevant literature, describe the original nature of the research and outline research goals.

Research Methods
It consists of procedures and should clearly elaborate the technique for answering research question/goal. Sufficient information that allows the reader to assess the suitability of the techniques as well as their reliability and validity should be written down in this part.

Findings and Discussion
The research result should be outlined in this chapter by the author(s). As concise as possible data should be provided and, if necessary, tables or numbers should be used. The results of the studies should be able to address or explain the question / objectives set out in the introduction. The provided data should be then interpreted in connection with previous research. Manuscript file should be provided in Microsoft Word format.

Summaries and suggestions should be included in the this part. The summary should illustrate the responses to research question and/or study goals or results achieved. The proposed suggestion should include subjects which will be carried out in connection with the following ideas of research. In addition theoretical and practical (managerial) implication can also be addressed in this part (if any).

References to other sources must be written down in APA6th style and the completeness, precision and consistency should be verified thoroughly. We recommended author(s) to utilize reference-management application such as Mendeley, EndNote, Zotero and etc. At the end of the main text, references should be collected in alphabetical order by author. Footnotes should be prevented, but any brief notes with a certain point may be put according to the alphabetical reference list in sequence order. Below is the reference format: klik here