Peer Review Process

Every manuscript that is submitted to this journal is thoroughly screened (including a plagiarism assessment) and reviewed to guarantee that it fits into the scope of this journal and that it is of adequate academic quality and novel for its readers. This journal uses a double-blind peer review in which the identities of both authors and reviewers are disguised. The followings are the entire process of review:

  1. Initial review: The Chief Editor will screen a freshly submitted manuscript for compliance with the scope and the fundamental specifications .

  2. Peer-reviewed-process: The initial review will be passed to the editor responsible for handling, who will subsequently send it to a double blind peer review to at least two experts in the respective field.

  3. First stage: Only after receiving at least two reports will a decision be made on a peer-reviewed manuscript. In cases of significant differences in the reports, the handling editor invites an additional reviewer to obtain a third opinion before deciding. A manuscript can be rejected, a revision (minor or major), accepted as it is, or suggested for re-submission for a second examination phase (if important language or content alterations are needed). The manuscript is transferred to the author(s) for formatting if it is required. On the advice of the editor and following the consent of the Editor Board, the Editor in Chief will make the final choice to accept the manuscript.

  4. Revision stage: A manuscript requiring corrections will be transferred to the author (s), who must format and review the manuscript for up to two weeks after which the manuscript is checked by the editor. The editor will assess the adequacy and appropriateness of the modifications, as well as whether the author(s) has adequately replied to remarks and suggestions by the reviewers. If the revisions are considered insufficient, this cycle is repeated (for further revision, the manuscript is transferred to the author(s)).

  5. Final stage: The revised manuscript will either be accepted or rejected. This decision depends on whether the manuscript has been improved to a publishable level by the editor. If the author(s) cannot make the required modifications or have made them in accordance with the norms of this journal, the manuscript will be rejected.