About the Journal

Pesirah is basically an indigenous terminology which refers to head of the clan's administration during the Dutch East Indians in the South Sumatra, whose territory is not what it is today. It is an administrator who has the power to govern several villages. Pesirah was directly chosen by people with a time of several days because for each of the villages included in one clan there were no simultaneous elections. Considering the history and significant contribution of Pesirah to the understanding of indigenous public administration in Indonesia, Department of Public Administration, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Sriwijaya proudly presents a journal named Pesirah: Journal of Public Administration.

Pesirah: Journal of Public Administration, a biannual journal , aims to publish original double blind peer-reviewed article within the field of public administration with particular attention paid to the creation of newest public administration and management studies. It also offers a professional forum to discuss fresh experiences and experiments in the field. The journal welcomes manuscripts by academics and professionals from all over the globe.